Metal Sampler 2012/08

Der erste Sampler unserer Metal-Sampler-Reihe. Künftig wird es diesen Sampler monatlich geben – also bleibt dran!

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1. NECROTTED – This Bluestery Ocean 
album „Anchors Apart“ 2012 Supreme Chaos Records
2. DEAD ALONE – Pilgrim 
PREVIEW album „Ad Infinitum“ 2012 Supreme Chaos Records
3. ANOTHER PERFECT DAY – Pour some hope 
album „Four songs for the left behind“ 2012 Supreme Chaos Records
4. HATESPHERE – Need To Kill
album „The Greate Bludgeoning“ 2011 Napalm Records / Supreme Chaos Records (LP)
5. AGRYPNIE – Augenblick 
album „Asche EP“ 2011 Supreme Chaos Records
6. DESASTER – Phantom Funeral 
album „The Arts Of Destruction“ 2012 Metal Blade Records
7. DEADBORN – Bionic Abomination 
album „Mayhem Maniac Machine“ 2012 Apostasy Records
8. HELLSAW – Trist 
album „Trist“ 2012 Napalm Records / Supreme Chaos Records (LP)
9. DEAD EYED SLEEPER – Annihilation of Opposites 
album „Observing Oblivion“ 2011 Supreme Chaos Records
10. SHAKHTYOR – Handschuhmann 
album „Shakhtyor“ 2012 self-released

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Featured band: SHAKHTYOR

A treasure, a secret pearl from Germany’s Underground – SHAKHTYOR are special indeed in many ways. And so is the music. Doomy sludge / noisy walls of music. Simply a manifest of dark, moody and doomy metal music. If you are into any bands like Omega Massif, Black Shape of Nexus and the sorts – Get this one, you will not be disappointed!